Friday, 30 March 2012

Celcom Broadband with The Cranberries

It’s the dawn of the new undead!

It’s the dawn of the new undead. The Cranberries are coming to Malaysia on 4 April 2012 and Celcom is giving you the exclusive chance to be among their army of fans!

Enjoy 20% off when you bring your Celcom Broadband Bill to any TicketCharge outlet. 

You could even be part of the horde of zombies watching them when The Cranberries perform in Paris!

For More Info Click HERE


  1. cranberie lagu zombie tu kan..oooo best gak layan masa zaman kecik2 dulu..dah bosa ni tak minat dah seme tu..hmm :)

  2. kureng sikit benda2 macam ni...


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