Monday 28 May 2012

HappyDealsGenting ! Only RM48nett

Plan a holiday for less than half price? Yes you can!

Less Than Half Price! A holiday become sweeter!

You want a crazily affordable getaway that won’t break the bank, you say? Resorts World Genting is where you should be headed to. With the iHoliday Happy Deals promotion, make your reservations from now till 15 June 2012, and you could score a room for only RM48 nett/4,800WP/RM28 nett + 2,000WP per night!

Happy days are awaiting at Resorts World Genting, so go ahead and plan that holiday you’ve been craving!


  1. murah tu tp qalief xsihat g xley pergi la heheee

  2. menarik.. dah lama tak pergi genting

  3. Hurm..tgu org blanja lah..

  4. dah lama tak jejak kaki ke genting.hmmmm

  5. syg arr zie jauh sgt. kalau tidak...leh grab this deal taw :(

  6. belum pernah pun jejak kaki ke genting. kesian kan. ;)


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